Week Two – An Update


Over the past week we have taken a number of initiatives in relation to the fact that church has to look very different from what have been used to on the island, whether the Church of Scotland, the Baptist Church, Siloam, or indeed those who do not manage for whatever reason to gather with others.

It has been such an encouragement to make and receive phone calls. To add to that we have set up a WhatsApp Church group – if you are not been added to the group and would like to engage in this way please net us know. John B. Ishbel C. are group administrators.  On Saturday / Sunday we had our first PODCAST which is still available by clicking on this the link immediately below:


Today, a video has been posted online called ‘A Word for Today’. If you have not already caught sight of it the link is immediately below:


A letter of thanks to all those working so hard to serve the community was also posted on FACEBAY.

On Sunday evening at 7:00pm a number of us were able to join the Baptist Union of Scotland Prayer Livestream. The intention is to continue for the present with the prayer livestream on a Sunday evening. It is available to those who have Facebook.

Jenny Wilson of the Baptist Union of Scotland made mention of a resource for Sunday Clubs (Schools). It is:

Sunday Club Resource for NOW

Another initiative under consideration is to be able to a have PRAYER PARTY or a BIBLE STUDY.  There is an app called HOUSEPARTY available for mobile phones, tablets and computers which enables whole groups of people to see see one another and to be able to contribute. We tried it out and celebrated our son-in-law’s birthday and it was a real success.








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