The Rich Man and Lazarus

People are afraid of ghosts but yet love to see ghosts’ movies. We have just passed Halloween and and in America and here fascination with a spirit-life this is embraced to an abnormal degree.
• During the Lunar 7th month of the Chinese Year calendar there are many shows on TV and movies, about departed spirit-souls returning to this world.
• The Chinese believes that the departed spirits are allowed to roam the earth during this month, and as such we are to provide them food to appease them.

But how true can this be? If we have not died, how do we know what’s on the other side?
• If no one who died has ever returned to tell us about life after death, then what we have today are man’s speculations or imaginations?

Jesus is the best person to tell us what happens after we die.
• If He is God, and He comes from heaven (the other side), then He will be able to tell us about heaven or hell.
• If Jesus rose from the dead, then He is the best person to teach us.

Let’s look firstly at the outline of the story which is an example story rather than a parable.

And so to this powerful story  . . .


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